Example: Changing filters in an AC Rooftop unit.

We will have to:

  •  Access the roof.  A perfect time to verify the state of your roof and drains.
    • If there are any issues we can inform you so an appropriate contractor may be contacted before there is extensive damage (water, mold, damage to stock)  
  • Lockout the Unit. Verifying the electrical connections and their operations
  • Open the unit up and change the filters.
  • Close the unit up and verify the operation on start up.
    • Squeaky belts? 
    • Unbalanced fan?

Preventive Maintenance

Tel: +1.819.210.4858

55 ch du barrage Gatineau QC J8R 3G5 CA

Preventive maintenance is important because it keeps your equipment running at an optimum level.  It can also identify other problems as a maintenance program usually takes us to places rarely visited by staff and management.

  This can save countless hours of downtime and unwanted expenses.

Contact us rob@tirservices.ca for more information